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By Taylor Marvin

William H. Johnson, "Training for War." Via the Smithsonian Institute

William H. Johnson, “Training for War.” Via the Smithsonian Institute

The International Crisis Group’s report on the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon.

The Economist lists a who’s who of Syrian rebel leaders, and the BBC has a detailed new map of the conflict (via Moses Brown).

El Salvador Catholic Church: Pawn or player in gang truce?

Moving, and graphic, photos from Operation Condor (via Greg Weeks, via Colin M. Snider).

Why do some people flee war, and others stay?

Kenneth Waltz passed away last week. Stephen Walt, Robert Farley, Daniel Nexon, Steve SaidemanMichael C. Desch all have retrospectives on his career, and Foreign Affairs has made his writings for the magazine freely available.

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