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By Taylor Marvin

Battle of Lepanto, 1571. Via Wikimedia.

Battle of Lepanto, 1571. Via Wikimedia.

Gregory D. Johnsen on the failures of US counterterrorism in Yemen. Johnsen also recently talked to PBS Newshour on the subject.

In Egypt, bodies surface near the sites of public protests (via the Arabist). Egypt’s Coptic Pope voices concern over the threat of attacks targeting the country’s Christians (via Blogs of War).

Timur Kuran argues that political Islam’s recent setbacks in Egypt and Turkey herald the need for reform if Islamist parties wish to continue on “the road to democratic legitimacy” (via Erik Voeten).

After recent violence, Burma’s parliament pushes for minority rights (via Nadia Banteka).

The long afterlife of los Zetas, Mexico most ruthless cartel.

Mike Allison recommends books on Central America’s revolutionary wars.

Remember how women are less approving of drone strikes? Micah Zenko examines this gender divide. Rosa Brooks, meanwhile, disagrees with Zenko’s argument that women are less supportive of military force.

A father and son are coaxed out of the Vietnam jungle after spending 40 years in isolation — or, the long psychological shadow of the Vietnam War.

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