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Trauma and Conflict Studies

Guest post by Cyanne E. Loyle


With the devastating passing of Will Moore, many of us in Conflict Studies have begun to discuss the impact of our work on mental health. Talking is important. So is seeking help when needed. But there is more that we can be and should be doing.

In January this year, I wrote a piece on research-related trauma and conflict studies. Will helped with this article – he was enthusiastic about it after I wrote a blog post on the same topic for Political Violence @ a Glance. He thought it was high time that we had a serious discussion on mental illness in the discipline. In this article, Alicia Simoni and I talk about the risks of our research, how to identity trauma in our friends and ourselves, and best practices for our field.

Please take a look today and reflect on what we can all be doing to keep us safer and healthier.

Cyanne E. Loyle is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Indiana University. 

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