Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submitting Unsolicited Posts to PV@Glance

PV@Glance is always looking for engaging, straight-forward analysis on pressing events that matter to foreign policy-makers, scholars, and practitioners. Unsolicited posts, therefore, are welcome and will be evaluated based on the following guidelines.

Five qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

  • Expertise: You don’t have to be well known to be a contributor, but you do need to know a lot about the subject you’re writing about.  
  • Evidence: It’s not enough to know your subject deeply – you have to prove it to our readers. Linking to supporting research is one good way to do this; describing relevant examples is another. If you have interesting data and visualizations, even better.
  • Originality: One of the primary reasons people turn to PV@Glance is that we are offering novel analysis, ideas or arguments. The post, therefore, must offer something new not offered somewhere else.
  • Policy Relevance: Our main target audience includes practitioners, foreign policy decision makers, and the informed public rather than solely academics. We are most useful to them when we can apply our expertise to a pressing real-world problem and discuss the policy implications of it.  
  • Quality of Writing: The writing should be to-the-point, engaging, and free of jargon. Length should be no longer than an op-ed—approximately 800 words. If the posts don’t capture our readers’ attention in the first paragraph, they are unlikely to read any further.

What we won’t publish:

  • Anything that has been published on other blogs or news outlets.
  • Posts that are written in a heavy academic style.
  • Posts that simply summarize an academic book or article.
  • Self-promotion masquerading as a post.
  • Posts with footnotes. Hyperlinks should be used in their place.   

Tips for writing a good post:

A typical PV@G post runs 5-8 paragraphs, somewhere between 500-800 words. The target audience include practitioners of all kinds—activists, advocates, bureaucrats, policy makers, analysts, staffers, and the media. Thus, we are looking for conversational prose written for that audience (not social scientists). You will want to write clear, declarative sentences, with a minimum of academic lingo. Each paragraph should have 3-4 sentences only. Rather than footnotes, endnotes, or bibliographies, please put a hyperlink in a word or phrase as is the norm in the blogosphere.  

How to Submit Your Post for Consideration:

When ready, email your submission to our managing editor, Lindsay Morgan, at: 

We will review the submission and email you within two weeks if it has been accepted, rejected, or given a revise and resubmit. Note that if your post is accepted, we reserve the right to edit it for grammar and clarity and to change the title if necessary.   

Good luck and happy writing.