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By Taylor Marvin

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet, via Wikimedia.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet, via Wikimedia.

On Syria and chemical weapons: Regional government are feeling even more nervousWhen did chemical weapons become a red line for the US anyway? Elsewhere, Jeffrey Lewis argues that norm againts CW use is worth upholding; John Mueller disagrees.

Al Nusra Front rebels are providing public services in Syria, including producing oil and running bakeries.

Will the new UN Arms Trade Treaty play a role in Syria? Unfortunately, probably not.

Two missiles appear to have been fired at a Russian airliner over Syria, fortunately unsuccessfully.

Allegations Iran has directed Hezbollah to fight in Syria on behalf of Assad.

Ominous news from Iraq, as Kurdish forces are deployed to Kirkuk.

A new RAND report on US overseas military basing.

Gen. Martin Dempsey highlights the military challenges of a potential intervention in Syria.

Brazilian police linked to death squads (via Christine Fair).

Mother Jones hosts striking yet disturbing photos from El Salvador’s long civil war.

More in photos: the transformation of post-revolution Cairo.

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