Political Violence Thought of the Week

By Erica Chenoweth

Netanyahu draws a red line, but Israeli elites seem introspective about the wisdom of fighting Iran. A report was leaked from the Israeli Foreign Ministry claiming that international sanctions punishing Iran for its noncompliance on nuclear issues are working. Late last week, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told Ha’aretz that he expected a popular uprising in Iran within the year.

Combined with the IDF chief’s July statement that Israel is not ready for war, these recent statements seem to tie Netanyahu’s hands. Winning the argument with allies abroad is one thing. Winning the argument at home is an entirely different story. For the time being, the people who actually have to go to war are saying “no.” Or, at least “not yet.”

Image via The Guardian.

  1. Is a good indicator that sanctions are working when a regime has to target its own money-changers to keep the currency from falling through the floor? Perhaps.

  2. The sanctions are clearly having an impact in Iran. The next question is exactly what will change in response, and how much.

    A later issue may be some people in the US resisting the notion of lifting sanctions if the existing government, instead of collapsing, merely does what is being demanded of it.

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