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Friday Puzzler: The Case of the Missing Citations

By Barbara F. Walter

Daniel Maliniak, Ryan Powers and I recently finished a study (a recent draft of  the paper is here; the final paper will be published by International Organization in Fall 2013) that revealed articles written by women in international relations are cited significantly less than articles written by men. This is true even if you control for institutional affiliation, productivity, publication venue, tenure, topic, methodology and anything else you can think of. Our hunch was that this gender citation gap was due to two things: (1) women citing themselves less than men, and (2) men tending to cite other men more than women in a field dominated by men. We found that both were true, but they didn’t entirely account for the gap.

So today’s puzzler is this: What else do you think might account for the gap? Why do you think it exists?


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