Duckies, Duckies Everywhere!

By Barbara F. Walter

If only we had a cute logo too...

Our bribes and blatant bragging worked.

Recently PV @ a Glance was awarded the Most Promising Blog of the Year by the International Studies Association. It was the first time these awards were given out and I had expected the reception at the ISA convention to have a smattering of people. Instead, the room was packed. Overflowing. It was clear that blogging was not only being enthusiastically embraced by the academic community but celebrated as a key link to continued relevance. The times they are a-changing.

When you read the other blogs you will see why we needed to cheat to win. The more honorable and truly excellent Suffragio came in second. It’s also clear that we could only have won out over both The Smoke Filled Room and Grand Blog Tarkin by passing large sums of money under the table to the judges. We had no shame. Word has it that all four blogs have their sights set on the reigning champions for both Best Blog and Best Group Blog: Dan Drezner and The Disorder of Things. Erica and my strategy is to increase the wad of cash under the table and show more cleavage.

We could not have won this award without the great work produced by our team of contributors: Green, Cohen Wood won honorable mention for best individual post. But it was the collective high quality of all of our contributors’ posts that made this possible. Thank you all.

Note: Friday Puzzler will return next week.

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