My Corps, Your Corps, Our Corps… the PEACE Corps?!

By Oliver Kaplan

Yes, it’s true: as much as some might want to deny it, the Marine Corps and the Peace Corps have a lot in common. Such is the consensus of two of our star MA students at the Josef Korbel School here at the University of Denver, Kyleanne Hunter, a retired Marine Corps pilot, and Brian Ernst, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar. After the two met each other in class and got to talking, they realized how similar their pre-grad school experiences were.

The two teamed-up to write an article, “Cooperating Across Corps,” that compares their experiences and offers lessons for improved cooperation on their often-similar tasks. As they note, members of both Corps “forgo the paths of their peers to be representatives of the United States abroad in support of a ‘greater good.'”

I thought I would take this opportunity to revive their insightful article for our PVG audience. The full article was previously posted on the Revolt Daily blog and printed in The Marine Corps Times (June 10, 2013).

Their bottom line: service is service, and we should all think of ways to think beyond ourselves.

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