Distributing Our Research: The Youtube Option

By Will H. Moore

Paper is dead. By which I mean that for centuries the most efficient way to broadcast (share) ideas was to reproduce them on paper and physically distribute the bundled paper. Then came the telegraph, then the wireless (radio). And the telephone. And the television, satellites, the facsimile, cellular networks, the Internet, the World Wide Web…

The cost of producing and distributing ideas via any medium has collapsed during the past three decades, such that those of us working in universities in the West have effectively free access to technology that gives us remarkable choice when it comes to distributing our ideas. Writing article and book length manuscripts will stay with us for a long time, but those formats are not the only option for sharing ideas. Daniel Blocq (ABD in Sociology at Wisconsin) posted a video last week that executes an option I have been wanting to try, but since I have limited creative ability, I have not yet executed. Check it out:

You can view the video here.

I hope to get off my duffer and create a video or two before year’s end. I’ll post here if I get it done.


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