Looking Back on 2014

By Adam Foster.

By Danny Hirschel-Burns

By Adam Foster.
By Adam Foster.

It’s been another great year for Political Violence @ a Glance. We won the International Studies Association’s prize for the best group blog and have posted dozens of insightful articles by our regular contributors and guest bloggers. While we’re looking forward to 2015, we want to take a minute to highlight the most popular posts of 2014. Thank you to all of our readers for making PVG a success, and have a Happy New Year!

1. The Text That Changed the World by Barbara F. Walter.

2. What is ISIS? by Jack A. Goldstone.

3. Why is ISIS the First Islamic Group to Claim To Resurrect the Caliphate? by Allison Beth Hodgkins.

4. How Government Tracking Works (We Think) and What Average Citizens Can Do About It by Barbara F. Walter.

5. A Note on Academic (Ir)relevance by Erica Chenoweth.

6. Explaining High Murder Rates in Latin America: It’s Not Drugs by Elaine Denny and Barbara F. Walter.

7. Is UN Offensive Intervention in Congo a New Model of Peacekeeping? by Lionel Beehner.

8. The Four Things We Know About How Civil Wars End (and What This Tells Us About Syria) by Barbara F. Walter.

9. Four Reasons Why Interstate Conflict Scholars Don’t Read Intrastate Work and Why They Are Wrong by Christian Davenport and Scott Gates.

10. Israel and Hamas Are Both Just Winging It by Erica Chenoweth.

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