The Year in Review

By Patrick Pierson.

A photo of fireworks from a New Year’s celebration in Germany, December 31, 2014. Photo via unefunge.

As 2016 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of this year’s most popular posts. With many thanks to our regular contributors and guest bloggers, Political Violence @ a Glance has once again been able to provide expert analysis and insight into many of today’s most pressing issues. To all of our readers, thank you for helping make PV@G a success – we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

In no particular order, here are some of this year’s most viewed posts. Enjoy!

America’s New Civil War – Navin Bapat

Stop Calling Trump a Fascist – Deborah Avant

Mapping Territorial Control in Civil Wars – James Igoe Walsh, Michael Findley, Daniel Strandow, and Jean-Claude Thill

Why My German-Born Dad is Terrified of Trump – Barbara F. Walter

Did the Vatican Just Throw Out Its Just War Doctrine? – Erica Chenoweth

Why ISIS Will Not Thrive in Indonesia – Ioana Emy Matesan

Is Democracy Eroding? – Jeff Colgan

Prospects for State Violence in Trump’s America – Daniel W. Hill, Jr.

Trump’s Cabinet and Bringing Civil-Military Relations Back In – Lionel Beehner, Peter White, and Michael Kenwick

Does It Matter That People Overestimate the Number of Muslims in America? – Sharan Grewal, Matthew Cebul, and Alexander Kustov

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