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By Taylor Marvin

Mayan mural reporduction, via Wikimedia.

Mayan mural reporduction, via Wikimedia.

In rebel fighter’s personal story, the arc of Syria’s war. “We don’t know what we will do after the revolution, after so many people have died, so many children have died.”

In Syria, the regime continues to utilize its airpower. Vali Nasr calls for imposing a no-fly zone.

The New York Times reports on Afghan US interpreters left at risk by visa delays.

Formerly-designated terrorist organization Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO) continues its march to mainstream by opening a DC office a block from the White House.

Violent protests follow Venezuela’s disputed election, with the victorious Chavista government threatening to restrict opposition demonstrations.

What if Colombia’s rebel  group FARC demobilizes? Like most demobilizations of armed groups, challenges await.

On an (indirectly) similar note, Jorrit Kamminga and Nazia Hussain fear international forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan could precipitate a regional drug conflict.

The Chinese security apparatus’ heavy hand in Xinjiang, home to ethnic minorities with separatist sympathies.

The relationship between food price spikes and social unrest in Africa.

Daniel Byman: “Fighting Salafi-Jihadist Insurgencies: How Much Does Religion Really Matter?”

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