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By Taylor Marvin

"1281 Battle Of Homs," via Wikimedia.

“1281 Battle Of Homs,” via Wikimedia.

A sectarian shadow hangs over latest reported mass killing in Syria’s civil war.

How to gather intelligence inside Syria.

Juan Cole discusses why the Obama administration doesn’t want to intervene in Syria. Relatedly, just how difficult it is to target chemical weapons stockpiles.

 Lionel Beehner on arming the Syrian opposition: “The notion that somehow arming Syria’s opposition means a long and protracted war is misguided and driven by a realist-inspired desire to stay on the sidelines and never intervene anywhere.”

Elsewhere, Uditinder Thakur warns that before intervening, the US must ask whether it has any real ability to end the violence, and Joshua Landis on whether Syria is like Iraq.

Daniel Byman and Natan Sachs discuss Israel’s gamble in Syria.

Iran warns Syrian rebels after report of shrine desecration: “It was impossible to independently verify the report, which appeared on a Facebook page…”

The International Crisis Group’s new briefing on Syrian spillover risks for Turkey.

Leaving Syria, Pakistan is troubled by worsening pre-election violence“Voting means death.”

The Royal United Services Institute has published a new briefing on Iran and the effectiveness of red lines.

The new US Defense Department report on military and security developments regarding North Korea.

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