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The Year in Review

By Patrick Pierson


New Year’s Eve 2010, London. By raghavvidya.

As the excitement of a new year nears, we thought it best to celebrate the passing of 2015 by re-sharing some of this year’s most popular posts. With many thanks to our regular contributors and guest bloggers, Political Violence @ a Glance has once again been able to provide expert analysis and insight into many of today’s most pressing issues. To all of our readers, thank you for helping make PV@G a success – we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Have a Happy New Year and be sure to join us again in 2016!

Most Viewed Posts in 2015*:

  1. Nonviolent Conflicts in 2014 You May Have Missed Because They Were Not Violent by Erica Chenoweth
  1. How Government Tracking Works (We Think) and What Average Citizens Can Do About It by Barbara F. Walter
  1. Is UN Offensive Intervention in Congo a New Model of Peacekeeping? by Lionel Beehner
  1. Why Groups Use Terrorism: A Reassessment of the Conventional Wisdom by Max Abrahms
  1. Explaining High Murder Rates in Latin America: It’s Not Drugs by Elaine Denny and Barbara F. Walter
  1. What is ISIS? by Jack A. Goldstone
  1. The Four Things We Know About How Civil Wars End (and What This Tells Us About Syria) by Barbara F. Walter
  1. Soldiers in Dark Times: Military Education, Ethics, and Political Science by Celestino Perez, Jr.
  1. Yemen Is Even More Dangerous Than We Think by Barbara F. Walter and Kenneth M. Pollack
  1. Why Are Buddhist Monks Promoting Violence in Sri Lanka? By Matthew Isaacs


*Note: This list represents the most viewed posts during the year regardless of posted date (for example, a post may have originally posted in 2013 but remains one of the most viewed posts for 2015).

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