Our Favorite Posts, Year One Edition

By Barbara F. Walter

On the occasion of our first anniversary, last week we asked readers and contributors to suggest their favorite posts from the past year. In no particular order of noteworthiness, here are the most noted pieces.

Christian Davenport, “Give State (Repression) a Chance”.

Christian Davenport, “Researching While Black: Why Conflict Research Needs More African Americans (Maybe)”.

Amelia Hoover Green, Dara Kay Cohen, and Elisabeth Jean Wood, “Is Wartime Rape Declining On a Global Scale? We Don’t Know — And It Doesn’t Matter”.

Oliver Kaplan, “Gun Control for Rebels”.

Andrew Kydd, “How Not to Get Published in the Iran Review.

Andrew Kydd, “Why Does Anyone Need High-Capacity Magazines?”.

Andrew Mack, “Getting It Wrong About Wartime Sexual Violence”.

Will H. Moore, “It’s All Been Said Before”.

Will H. Moore, “Misplaced Concern or a Needed Discussion? Crowdsourcing and Crises”.

Roland Paris, “Kabuki Theater at the Afghan Donors’ Conference”.

Steve Saideman, “Pop Prisoner’s Dilemma”.

Joe Young, “Everyday Counterterrorism”.

Thanks again to all our contributors for a great first year, and we look forward to reading your future writing!

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