Happy Anniversary, PV@Glance

By Barbara F. Walter

This week is Political Violence at a Glance’s first anniversary. Erica and I have been blessed to work with a team of fantastic scholars who, in addition to their demanding day jobs, find the time to write engaging content, scrounge the web for interesting stories, and ask insightful questions. We are also blessed by our readers without whom, let’s be honest, the blog wouldn’t exist. In honor of this anniversary, we decided we would institute a few simple awards. We’re going to start by giving out awards based on simple metrics: which pieces attracted the most comments, the most Twitter and Facebook activity, and which of our contributors was most likely to respond to our last-minute pleas for writing with an insightful post. This list, however, is incomplete if only because it doesn’t include some of our very favorite posts. In order to rectify this, Erica and I are asking you our readers to send in your votes for your most-liked posts. If you have a favorite, please let us know.

Most Comments:

“Movies About Political Violence to Watch… and a Few You Shouldn’t,” by Joe Young.
“Books on Political Violence You Should Own,” by Joe Young.
“Why No One Wants to Call Syria a Civil War,” by Barbara F. Walter and Elizabeth Martin.

Most Popular on Twitter:

“Is the International Criminal Court Following the Flag in Mali?,” by Leslie Vinjamuri.
“Why IR and Conflict Research Need Micro-Foundations,” guest post by Thomas Zeitzoff.
“The 5 Percent Rule and Indiscriminate Killing of Civilians,” by Will H. Moore.

Most Popular on Facebook:

“The Case of the Missing Citations,” by Barbara F. Walter.
“When Democratization Produces Drug Violence,” by Will H. Moore.
“Terror in Boston,” by Erica Chenoweth and Joe Young.

Most Clutch Contributor:

Will Moore
Steve Saideman
Joe Young

Most Valuable Person Who Keeps This Blog Running:

Taylor Marvin

Thank you to all for a great first year!

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