Our Greatest Hits (So Far)

Political Violence at a Glance Greatest Hits

Political Violence At A Glance was created in 2008, to answers questions on the most pressing problems related to violence and protest in the world’s conflict zones. Twelve years on, and we are as committed as ever to using rigorous research to improve policies and practices in ways that help reduce conflict and build lasting peace. In fact, we think it’s more important than ever to bring readers—policymakers, academics, activists, and average citizens—straightforward analysis on the trends shaping our world.

For more than a decade, our stellar community of contributors has written smart, provocative analysis on everything from terrorism, civil wars, and state repression, to pop culture, art, nonviolent resistance, and ethics. As we look out across 2020, here’s a look back at some of our greatest hits (so far), which we suspect may be relevant for thinking about the emerging fault lines ahead.

  1. What Is Happening in Venezuela? By Consuelo Amat
  2. Massacres in Iran: What Happens Next? By Alexei Anisin
  3. America’s New Civil War? By Navin Bapat
  4. Ending Terror in Kashmir By Yelena Biberman
  5. Wakanda, Afrofuturism, and Decolonizing International Relations Scholarship by Yolande Bouka
  6. Five Ways Art and War are Related By Dawn Brancati
  7. When Engaged Scholarship Means Resistance (and) Self-Sacrifice, Moral Crisis, and Legitimacy in Mass Mobilization against Repression both by Erica Chenoweth
  8. Give State (Repression) a Chance (and) Researching While Black: Why Conflict Research Needs More African Americans (Maybe) both by Christian Davenport
  9. Coups, protests, and violence: What to expect in Bolivia By Erica De Bruin
  10. Male Victimhood in Armed Conflict By Kristine Eck and Olga Vera Hänni
  11. How Norms Die By Tanisha Fazal and Seva Gunitsky
  12. Free to Choose? Violent vs. Nonviolent Resistance and the Limits of Choice By Cullen Hendrix
  13. Some People Just Like to Fight By Rose McDermott
  14. Did Banning Assault Weapons Affect Mass Shootings? By Brian Phillipps
  15. Five Nonviolent Resistance Movements to Watch in 2018 (and) Why Do Peaceful Protests ‘Turn Violent’? both by Jonathan Pinckney
  16. Brexit, the Rise of Populist Nationalism, and the Future of Europe By Martin Rhodes
  17. The Legacy of Reconstruction and Occupation After the US Civil War Megan Stewart
  18. The Four Things We Know About How Civil Wars End (and What This Tells Us About Syria) By Barbara Walter
  19. What’s in a Name? How to Classify Recent Violent Events (and) Is Terrorism on the Rise? both by Joe Young
  20. What Violent Rhetoric Does and Does Not Do By Thomas Zeitzoff
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